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HIVE 将覆盖插入到分区表中 (HIVE Insert overwrite into a partitioned Table) 我在分区表上运行了插入覆盖。. 在命令之后,例如创建以下分区。. a,b,c,d,e. 现在,当我重新运行插入覆盖表时,但这次使用的是完全不同的数据集。. 例如,在第二次插入之后,创建了下面的分区. As you can see the asserts failed due to the positions of the columns. There are two reasons: a) saveAsTable uses the partition column and adds it at the end.b) insertInto works using the order of the columns (exactly as calling an SQL insertInto) instead of the columns name. In consequence, adding the partition column at the end fixes the issue as shown here:..

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